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Chronic Disease Management Plan

The Chronic Disease Management Plan (formerly called the Enhanced Primary Care Plan) provides Medicare rebates for Allied Health services. You may be eligible to claim a maximum of 5 rebates through Medicare per calendar year for Allied Health services such as speech pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy etc. The rebate is $58.30 for each of the 5 sessions. A Chronic Disease Management Plan is for those with chronic medical conditions that are likely to be present for at least 6 months.

Referral for a Chronic Disease Management Plan

Your GP can discuss with you whether your child is eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Plan. If they are eligible the GP will provide you with a referral form for you to bring in to SmallTalk Speech & Language Therapy. You will still need to pay for the therapy sessions as usual, but you will be able to take your receipts for up to 5 sessions to Medicare and claim your rebate, or claim through the Medicare app.

Please talk to your GP to find out more about a Chronic Disease Management Plan, or visit the website for the Department of Health and Ageing here.