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Hi, I’m Erin. I completed a Master of Speech and Language Pathology at Macquarie University in 2008. I’m a member of Speech Pathology Australia and a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist. My aim is to empower parents and caregivers to support their children in becoming confident and successful communicators.

I specialise in supporting children who:

  • are not yet talking or not talking as much as expected¬†
  • have trouble using words and sentences to effectively communicate a message (expressive language)
  • have difficulty understanding instructions, questions and comments (comprehension)
  • have trouble pronouncing words clearly (articulation / pronunciation / phonology)
  • stutter
  • are autistic (see here for more information)

My philosophy is that learning should be fun! I do everything possible to ensure that you and your child find each session enjoyable and motivating. As a mum of three gorgeous girls, I understand how busy life is for families and I work together with caregivers to incorporate therapy into ordinary daily activities as much as possible.