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In my practice I use a neurodiversity-aligned therapy approach. This means I aim to:

  • be respectful, empathetic, trauma-informed, evidence-based
  • advocate for disability rights
  • advocate for equitable inclusion and unrestricted access to supports, accommodations and modifications
  • respect and work to understand neurodivergence, autistic differences, and sensory differences (see here and here)
  • presume competence
  • respect personal agency and body autonomy
  • apply a strengths-based approach
  • practice with cognisance of the harmful effects of social skills programs that promote masking (see here)
  • provide robust AAC to those who need it with no gatekeeping  (see here)
  • honour and uphold the dignity and humanity of all clients I serve
  • oppose ABA in any form (see https://therapistndc.org/category/aba/)
  • use identity-first language as a default but am happy to use person-first language for individuals who prefer this (see here)


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