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Attention skills

Our attention is attracted – and held – by things that interest us, whether that is a particular food we want to eat, books we want to read, or toys we want to play with. The length of a child’s attention span depends on how interesting they find an activity. Children who have reduced attention and listening skills for their age are more likely
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Reading with your baby

You still talk to your baby even though they don’t understand everything you say, right? So why not read with them too? Sharing books with your little one is a wonderful way to: teach your baby about words and communication improve their listening, attention and memory skills introduce specific vocabulary and concepts stimulate your little one’s imagination teach your child about social and emotional
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Using bubbles for language development

They’re shiny and shimmery; they can be huge or tiny. Sometimes they float up and sometimes down. They pop unexpectedly, perhaps in your face or maybe not until they’ve bounced a few times on the floor. But why are bubbles so fantastic for language development? Bubbles can be difficult for young children to blow so they present the perfect opportunity for language modelling and
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How to Ditch the Dummies

How to ditch the dummy Over time a child may come to associate their dummy with feelings of relaxation and security. They may not want to give it up despite their parents’ wishes. Ideally, a child should voluntarily give up their dummy when they feel ready. However, if that doesn’t seem likely then your child may need a little help. Decide on your strategy: there
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Ready, set, TALK!!!

3 simple words that can help your little one take those first steps into the world of talking. It’s perfect for kids around 1 year of age who have just started talking or are close to using some words. It’s also great for those late talkers who understand lots of things you say but just haven’t quite got past using babble yet. The beauty
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Choices, choices!

Offering your child choices has lots of benefits – for everyone! For toddlers, presenting them with a choice helps to develop their language skills in two ways. Firstly, by providing them with the names of objects or actions. When you hold out two pieces of fruit and ask your child “Do you want apple or banana?”, you are also teaching or reinforcing these food
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